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......@@ -11,8 +11,12 @@ Docker resources for GPULab
- build using `docker build -t jupyter-lab:test JupyterLab/`
- run the container using `docker run -p 8888:8888 -it -e JUPYTER_ENABLE_LAB=yes jupyter-lab:test`
- follow the URL in the cli to open the jupyter lab instance and test the environment
## VSCode Development Containers
- clone this repo as a submodule in the `.devcontainer` folder
- configure the `.devcontainer.json` to build the desired docker file
## Using the images on the IDLab JupyterHub:
To enable GPU on local devices: install the [nvidia docker toolkit]( and pass the `--gpus all` arg to docker to allow for discovering the GPUs. The nvidia toolkit will use the on-device drivers while installing the cuda toolkit in the container.
## IDLab JupyterHub:
- use `` as custom docker image.
### Known Issues:
......@@ -23,3 +27,4 @@ Docker resources for GPULab
- gitlab build:
- custom conda env:
- base images: ;
- nvidia gpu on local devices:
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