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cleanup conda base image

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# select base image: scipy notebook (gpu-enabled)
# select base image: minimal jupyter notebook (gpu-enabled)
# name your environment and choose python 3.x version
# set python version to 3.0
ARG conda_env=python38
ARG py_ver=3.8
# you can add additional libraries you want mamba to install by listing them below the first line and ending with "&& \"
# create conda environment
RUN conda create --quiet --yes -p "${CONDA_DIR}/envs/${conda_env}" python=${py_ver} ipython ipykernel && \
conda clean --all -f -y
# alternatively, you can comment out the lines above and uncomment those below
# if you'd prefer to use a YAML file present in the docker build context
# COPY --chown=${NB_UID}:${NB_GID} environment.yml "/home/${NB_USER}/tmp/"
# RUN cd "/home/${NB_USER}/tmp/" && \
# mamba env create -p "${CONDA_DIR}/envs/${conda_env}" -f environment.yml && \
# mamba clean --all -f -y
# create Python 3.x environment and link it to jupyter
RUN "${CONDA_DIR}/envs/${conda_env}/bin/python" -m ipykernel install --user --name="${conda_env}"
# prepend conda environment to path
ENV PATH "${CONDA_DIR}/envs/${conda_env}/bin:${PATH}"
# if you want this environment to be the default one, uncomment the following line:
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# set to default
# gpulab
Docker resources for GPULab
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Docker resources for GPULab
### Known Issues:
- sometimes a 403 error appears in jupyter lab when opening the `python38` kernel, this has to do with caching of chrome (cf The solution is to do a hard refresh (CTRL + F5).
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