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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Once you are familiarized with the environment and its physics, you can start bu
`python visualizeArena.py configs/exampleConfig.yaml`. This loads the `configs/exampleConfig.yaml` configuration for the
arena and lets you play as the agent.
Have a look at the [configuration file](configs/exampleConfig.yaml) which specifies the objects to place. You can select
Have a look at the [configuration file](../examples/configs/exampleConfig.yaml) which specifies the objects to place. You can select
objects, their size, location, rotation and color, randomizing any of these parameters as you like. For more details on the configuration options and syntax please read the relevant documentation:
- The [configuration file documentation page](configFile.md) which explains how to write the configuration files.
- The [definitions of objects page](definitionsOfObjects.md) which contains a detailed list of all the objects and their
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