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# Animal-AI Olympics
Please remember **to submit to the competition and be considered for prizes you must also fill in [this form](https://forms.gle/PKCgp2JAWvjf4c9i6)**. You must do so before the end of November 1st!
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<img height="300" src="documentation/PrefabsPictures/steampunkFOURcrop.png">
......@@ -143,23 +140,7 @@ Beyret, B., Hernández-Orallo, J., Cheke, L., Halina, M., Shanahan, M., Crosby,
Should you want to reference the competition, you can use our Nature paper:
Crosby, M., Beyret, B., Halina M. [The Animal-AI Olympics](https://www.nature.com/articles/s42256-019-0050-3) Nature
Machine Intelligence 1 (5) p257 2019.
title={The Animal-AI Olympics},
author={Crosby, Matthew and Beyret, Benjamin and Halina, Marta},
journal={Nature Machine Intelligence},
publisher={Nature Publishing Group}
Paper with all the details of the test battery will be released after the competition has finished.
## Unity ML-Agents
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