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# Curriculum Learning
The `animalai-train` package contains a curriculum learning feature where you can specify a set of configuration files
which constitute lessons as part of the curriculum. See the
[ml-agents documentation](
on curriculum learning for an overview of the technique. Our implementation is adapted from the ml-agents one to use
configuration files rather than environment parameters (which don't exist in `animalai`).
## Meta Curriculum
To define a curriculum you will need to define the following:
- lessons (or levels), generally of increasing difficulty, that your agent will learn on, switching from easy to more difficult
- a metric you want to monitor to switch from one level to the next
- the value for each of these thresholds
In practice, you will place these parameters in a `json` file named after the brain in the environment (`Learner.json` in
our case), and place this file in a folder with all the configuration files you wish to use. If you have `n` lessons, you
need to define `n+1` thresholds.
## Example
An example is provided in [the example folder](../examples/configs/curriculum). The `json` file contains:
"measure": "reward",
"thresholds": [
"min_lesson_length": 100,
"signal_smoothing": true,
"configuration_files": [
All parameters are the same as in [ml-agents](,
except for the `configuration_files`. From the ml-agents documentation:
* `measure` - What to measure learning progress, and advancement in lessons by.
* `reward` - Uses a measure received reward.
* `progress` - Uses ratio of steps/max_steps.
* `thresholds` (float array) - Points in value of `measure` where lesson should
be increased.
* `min_lesson_length` (int) - The minimum number of episodes that should be
completed before the lesson can change. If `measure` is set to `reward`, the
average cumulative reward of the last `min_lesson_length` episodes will be
used to determine if the lesson should change. Must be nonnegative.
__Important__: the average reward that is compared to the thresholds is
different than the mean reward that is logged to the console. For example,
if `min_lesson_length` is `100`, the lesson will increment after the average
cumulative reward of the last `100` episodes exceeds the current threshold.
The mean reward logged to the console is dictated by the `summary_freq`
parameter in the
[trainer configuration file](
* `signal_smoothing` (true/false) - Whether to weight the current progress
measure by previous values.
* If `true`, weighting will be 0.75 (new) 0.25 (old).
The `configuration_files` parameter is simply a list of files names which contain the lessons in the order they should be loaded.
## Training
Once the folder created, training is done in the same way as before but now we pass a `MetaCurriculum` object to the
`meta_curriculum` argument of a `TrainerController`.
We provide an example using the above curriculum in [examples/](../examples/
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