Commit 322d54dc authored by Benjamin Beyret's avatar Benjamin Beyret
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animalai v1.0.5 + submission/agent docstring update

parent 6b98c8ec
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ from setuptools import setup
description='Animal AI competition interface',
author='Benjamin Beyret',
......@@ -46,9 +46,11 @@ class Agent(object):
def step(self, obs, reward, done, info):
A single step the agent should take based on the current
:param obs, reward, done, info: the output from a Gym step
:return: a list of actions to execute (of size 2)
:param obs: agent's observation of the current environment
:param reward: amount of reward returned after previous action
:param done: whether the episode has ended.
:param info: contains auxiliary diagnostic information, including BrainInfo.
:return: the action to take, a list or size 2
brain_info = info['brain_info']
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