Commit 1f170b13 authored by Benjamin Beyret's avatar Benjamin Beyret
Browse files revert to 84x84 for evaluation

parent 3c739478
......@@ -9,14 +9,13 @@ class Agent(object):
Load your agent here and initialize anything needed
# Load the configuration and model using ABSOLUTE PATHS
self.configuration_file = '/aaio/data/trainer_config.yaml'
self.model_path = '/aaio/data/1-Food/Learner'
self.brain = BrainParameters(brain_name='Learner',
{'height': self.resolution, 'width': self.resolution, 'blackAndWhite': False}],
camera_resolutions=[{'height': 84, 'width': 84, 'blackAndWhite': False}],
vector_action_descriptions=['', ''],
vector_action_space_size=[3, 3],
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