Commit 69317336 authored by Laurens D'hooge's avatar Laurens D'hooge
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adding HFBR for bigger cse-cic datasets

parent 8c6fde9d
Fwd IAT Max,Bwd Packets/s,Idle Max,Fwd IAT Std,Bwd IAT Max,Flow IAT Max,Flow IAT Std,Idle Mean,RST Flag Count,Flow Packets/s,Flow IAT Mean,Fwd PSH Flags,Bwd IAT Min
Fwd Packet Length Std,Packet Length Max,Fwd Packet Length Max,Idle Mean,Flow Packets/s,Flow IAT Mean,Flow IAT Min,Packet Length Std,Fwd Act Data Packets,SYN Flag Count,Packet Length Mean,Bwd IAT Mean,Active Std,Idle Std,RST Flag Count,Fwd Packet Length Mean,Fwd IAT Total,Bwd Packet Length Mean,Fwd Packets Length Total,Fwd IAT Min,Fwd IAT Max,Bwd IAT Max,Flow IAT Max,Subflow Bwd Packets,Flow IAT Std,Avg Bwd Segment Size,Bwd Packet Length Max,Fwd IAT Std,Packet Length Min,PSH Flag Count,Bwd Packets Length Total,Bwd Header Length,Protocol,Active Mean,Subflow Fwd Packets,Total Fwd Packets,Total Backward Packets
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