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......@@ -10,38 +10,26 @@ It transforms GBFS Json schemas into corresponding RDF vocabularies and Shacl sh
* Install dependencies using `npm install`
* Build the typescript using `npm run build`
* Run by `node main.js`
* Check the resulting vocabularies and provide feedback on term mapping choices.
## Program flow
## Program flow
* the `files` folder contains GBFS json schemas.
* the `build` folder contains the vocabularies and shapes generated by the component.
* foreach json schema in `files`, `main.ts`instantiates `rdfVocabulary.ts`to create the equivalent vocabulary and shape.
* `rdfVocabulary.ts`is responsible for creating both the vocabulary and shapes.
* `rdfVocabulary.ts` uses `shaclShape.ts` to initialize the basics of the shape such as the target class, and to get the corresponding property shapes.
<img src="images/pseudocode.png" width="500">
<img src="images/pseudocode.png" width="500"> -->
## Useful links
* mobility data bike sharing system json schemas:
## Author
Andrei Popescu <>
## ToDos
# List of unmanaged details
- start_time, end_time pattern in system_hours.json
- minimum/maximum in system_calendar.json
- minimum in vehicle_types.json
- ? (any other missing)
## Future Work
* gbfs.json apparently has a slightly different structure, so it needs special treatment -> ignored for now
* Main challenge: How to be fully general with respect to the Json Schema Specification? 2020-12/json-schema-core.html
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